Sunday, July 02, 2006

22. Raga: Dharmavathi

Readers, Dharmavathi is a great raga, which has been used by Raja to depict moods ranging from seduction, romance to a confused state of mind. Today’s selection contains eight songs tuned by him in this raga. Hope you all would enjoy this.

1. Dhoorathil naan kanda (Nizhalgal, 1980)

2. Em debba theesavura (Aswamedham, 1992)

3. Vanaville vanaville (Ramana, 2002)

4. Poove pani poove (Nilavu Suduvadhillai, 1984)

5. Ilancholai poothadha (Unakkagave Vazhgiren, 1986)

6. Meendum meendum vaa (Vikram, 1986)

7. Vazhve mayama (Gayathri, 1977)

8. Ennullil engo (Rosappoo Ravikkaikkari, 1979)

There is a notable non-IR song in this raga – Thathithom from Azhagan (music: Maragathamani).


Anonymous said...

Dear Venky,
Thanks for the postings !!!!

Dharmavadhi -- enaku migavum piditha ragam.Thanks for the nice collections !!!!
IR in Dharmavadhi enaku adhigamagavae pidikum.

IR in Bhagasweri yum enaku migavum pidikum !!!! Indha ragathil IR songs host pannungal PL !!!!
Thanks in advance !!

Bhadhilgalai edhir parkamal., ungal kadamaiyaga indha blog ai kondu sellum ungalin porumaiku oru Salute !!!!

With Love,
Usha Sankar.

Anonymous said...

Dear Venky,

Yuvan raja has a great song in Dharmavathi- Kanaa Kaanum kaalangal from 7g rainbow clny.Am I correct??( its madhuvanthi in hindustani).I posted this as it is a great composition in today's techno music age.Love-Prakash.

CRV said...

Dear Prakash,
It doesnt sound like Dharmavathi to me, maybe Madhuvanti. Nevertheless, its a good song, esp. Ustad Khan's alaap parts.